28th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

13 – 14 October 2018 “If you take things from people, they are impoverished; but if you get them to give them up, they are enriched.” People are essentially good, but this goodness has to be awakened and called forth, if they are to enter the kingdom of love.” True Goodness This weekend’s Gospel tells … [Read more…]


6 – 7 October 2018 Today many people think when emotional love ends, they no longer love one another. Harold Kushner, an American Rabbi speaks of a young couple who came to him, asking he officiate at their upcoming wedding. At one point the young groom asked. ‘Rabbi, would you object if we made a … [Read more…]

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

29 – 30 September 2018 Mark 9:38-43,45,47-48 Practical Advice for Disciples Today’s gospel makes a number of important and very practical points. Though they were addressed originally to the leaders in the community, they have relevance for all disciples of Jesus. The apostles came upon a man who was casting out devils in Jesus name. … [Read more…]

Praying with the Pope in August

Universal That any far-reaching decisions of economists and politicians may protect the family as one of the treasures of humanity.   Prayer Heavenly Father, Through the sacrament of marriage, your Church sees in human love a sign of your presence. The fruitful love of spouses is an example of what each of us is called … [Read more…]


Pope Paul VI spoke the words “The Church Exists to Evangelise”. Its about nurturing our faith in God and growing in intimacy with our Lord Jesus. One of the revelations for the church has been the emergence world-wide of Parish Cells of Evangelisation. When on sabbatical in the Holy Land in the early 90’s I … [Read more…]

The Nativity of St John the Baptist

OUT OF CONTROL In the Bible the sea, the wind and the storm are seen as forces of evil and chaos which only God can control. But the storm can also stand for the trials and tribulations which the righteous suffer, and from which only the power of God can save them. As Jesus and … [Read more…]


God our loving Father, we give you thanks and praise for our Cathedral Parish of Sale, for your people and your Creation. Nourish us by your daily Word and Eucharist. Enrich us in our faith, hope and love. Strengthen us with the spirit of your mercy and grace. Make us grateful for your gifts as … [Read more…]