SANTO NINO Sunday January 28, 2018 Welcome Bishop Pat and members of the Philippine communities. In Malolos City, Bulacan, 40 Km north of Manila, enormous crowds gather at the end of January each year for a grand feast to celebrate the Santo Nino, the Holy Child, one of the most widely revered holy figures in … [Read more…]

Christmas Message 2017

Where is God? At some stage of our life we are bound to ask that question. It might come after a particularly tough time in our life: a close member of the family or a friend suddenly dies, maybe a long-time job is unexpectedly lost. It might come in a joyous manner, such as seeing … [Read more…]


17th December, 2017 John the Baptist had a central role to play in the coming of the Saviour. His role as today’s Gospel puts it, was to be ‘a witness to speak for the light’ – Jesus. John was a courageous witness, he was a strong personality and a man of principle. His lifestyle, as … [Read more…]


9th —10th December, 2017 I remember being out on my early morning walk one cold winter’s day. The sun had just come up. As I walked along I noticed also that the moon was in the sky, pale against the sun I could just see it. Through the night the moon was bright and beautiful … [Read more…]


2nd December / 3rd December, 2017 First Sunday of Advent Three times in this weekend’s Gospel ( Mk 13:33-37) Jesus encourages his followers to ‘stay awake’. We know the call to ‘stay awake’ is meant for us too. It is a very appropriate call for the beginning of the liturgical year. Habit plays a big … [Read more…]

Tell me what have you made of yourselves…

Once, at a re-union of past pupils of a well known school run by a religious order, a senior priest attending found himself surrounded by a host of pupils, most he had not seen since they left the school many years previously. They valued highly this priest’s influence on their lives. Gracious as always without … [Read more…]

True happiness

4th November / 5th November, 2017 True happiness The Beatitudes is a familiar scripture. We have most likely rattled off its verses in Church and the classroom since a young age. Perhaps we think of them simply as a set of moral platitudes but they are so much more than that. Saint Augustine wrote the … [Read more…]

October 17: Eradication of Poverty Day

21st / 22nd October, 2017 Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time We usually think of poverty as something that afflicts third world nations. But it is also present in Australia – shamefully so, in a nation of great wealth. We can see its effects in the lives of Indigenous Australians, with their poorer life expectancy income … [Read more…]

The Wedding Feast – Ways of responding

14th / 15th October, 2017 Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time You are giving a party! You have fixed the date, you have drawn up your list of people you would invite, you send out your invitations with RSVP and now wait for responses. There are three kind of responses. 1) Some accept your invitation every … [Read more…]