Youth Survey

17th/18th June 2017 Young people across Australia are being called to share their views about life, faith and their experience of Church through an online survey published by the Australian Bishops. The survey seeks to capture the opinions and perspectives of young people as part of a national consultation process that will inform an international … [Read more…]


3rd/4th June 2017 A New Language Language is a great tool of communication. Language of itself is not enough to bring people together. In fact as someone once said, ‘words are a source of misunderstanding’. Just because we speak the same language doesn’t mean we are one. There may still not be a meeting of … [Read more…]


27th/28th May 2017 The combined churches of Sale region have come together and are seeking from their congregations donations in support of “Martha”. We have been moved by her story and hope you might be too. Martha and her three primary school children and husband are a young family who came by boat originally from … [Read more…]

100th Anniversary of the Fatima Apparitions

20th/21st May 2017 Dear Parishioners, As a little boy I loved the stories of Our Lady of Fatima. I loved the film that told the story so well too. I embraced the rosary. Every night before going to bed we as a family knelt in the lounge-room and prayed the rosary – “the family that … [Read more…]


13/14th May 2017 This weekend especially and indeed at all times we the Cathedral Parish of Sale give thanks for the gift of Mothers. We acknowledge your warmth, your sacrifices, your wise counsel, your love faith and prayers constantly guiding our direction in life. We look on your with love and gratitude for your strength … [Read more…]


7th May 2017 Healed by his wounds As we go through life all of us whoever we are cannot avoid picking up some wounds. But carers and when I mention the word carers I think of those called to particular vocations. Mothers, Fathers, Religious Brothers and Sisters, Priests, Bishops, single people too in special ways … [Read more…]


29th/30th April 2017 Chaplain Michael McKernan, when writing about Australians in Gallipoli and France observed that ‘ the battlefield is a strange place for a Christian Minister, dedicated to a message of peace’. Further adding ‘if men are to die or suffer, tradition decrees, their ministers should be with them to help in the best … [Read more…]


22nd/23rd April 2017 Christy Brown, the disabled Dublin writer, died in 1981. One day he saw a picture of the English novelist, Margaret Foster and immediately fell in love with her. So charming was his letter to her they began a warm friendship. Christy was anxious to meet her, however Margaret learned he was severely … [Read more…]


We can face anything, endure anything, as long as we know or believe it will not last for ever, and that something better will happen. For example, people will face a long, painful operation if they believe it will make them well again. What this underlines is the importance of hope. Hope is as necessary … [Read more…]

Holy Week is the most important week of the year

8th/9th April 2017 Holy Week is the most important week of the year (Pope Benedict – Apr 8 2009 ) It was on an occasion when thousands of pilgrims had gathered in St Peter’s Square to hear Pope Benedict’s weekly Audience and catechesis. That the pope discussed Holy Week offering the world the chance “to … [Read more…]