Parish Directory


Fr Francis Otobo. Mobile 0448 529 712

Assistant Priest: Fr Aneesh George Mobile 0436 426 092

The Parish Office:  Our office is next to the Chapter House at the rear of the Presbytery. Ample parking is available off Reeves St.

Postal address: PO Box 183 Sale Vic 3850

Clare O’Brien is our parish secretary and is available on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.00 a.m. — 3.00 p.m. Office is closed for lunch break from 12.30 – 1.30pm

Mark Durrant is our Business Manager and is in the office on Wednesdays from 9.00 a.m. — 3.00 p.m. Phone 5144 4100.

For details of the Parish Pastoral Council refer to the Noticeboard at the rear of the Cathedral. Parish Pastoral Council consists of the following members:

Fr Francis, Fr Aneesh,  Rose Lee (Chairperson), Clare O’Brien (Secretary), Doug Waite (Deputy Secretary), Brenda Burditt, John Dykun (Deputy Chairperson), Claire Everard, Tim Morrison, Carmel Kuizenga, Anita Little, Filomena Padula,  are members of the Parish Pastoral Council.

Please feel free to approach any of them for information about our parish to make yourself known or raise an issue in the parish.

Child Safeguarding

Safeguarding – Our Parish is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for all people with special concern for children, young people and adults at risk.

Our Safeguarding Officer Tim Morrison who can be contacted via [email protected].

Please click on the attached link for the parish Statement of Commitment and Code of Conduct form 20210319 Safeguarding Code of Conduct St Mary’s Cathedral Parish, Sale

Parish Finance Committee: Nick Lee chairs this group which oversees the finances of the parish  – He can be contacted through the Parish office on 5144 4100.

Collections and the Planned Giving Program: In our parish the first collection meets the needs of the parish. The second collection is for the support of the priests. If you would like envelopes for the Planned Giving Program please contact Clare or Mark at the parish office, 5144 4100.


Congratulations and thank you for bringing your child/ren for baptism. This is an important occasion, not only for you, but for all of us in St Mary’s Parish, Sale.

To help you more fully understand Initiation into the Church Community of God’s children – which the Sacrament of Baptism signifies – we ask you to participate in a ‘Baptism Preparation Session’, and a “Rite of Welcome’ (which is the first part of the Baptism Ceremony itself). As the minimum requirement for Baptism in St Mary’s Sale Parish, attendance at both of these is necessary. As in Baptism parents commit themselves to the faith-life of their child/children.  By attending a Preparation Session and Rite of Welcome the parish will assist you to grow in your understanding of the significance of Baptism.

BAPTISM PREPARATION SESSIONS will be discussed when you meet with a Parish Priest. You can arrange this by calling the Parish Office on 5144 4100 – these meetings are generally held on Thursdays between 11am & 12pm or from 1.30 – 4.00pm (subject to the availability of Fr Francis).

THE RITE OF WELCOME can be celebrated at any weekend Mass you choose “after” having attended a Baptism Preparation Session and “prior to” the Baptism. If you wish, the Rite of Welcome and Baptism can happen on the same day, or on separate occasions.


Sale – Saturday Vigil – 5.30pm Sunday – 9.30am, 5.30pm
Stratford –   1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays 9.30am Mass
Rosedale –   5.30pm Saturday
Briagolong –   2nd & 4th Sunday 9.30am Mass

FOR BAPTISM TIMES: See the ‘Rite of Welcome’ and ‘Baptism’ Booking Form.

BAPTISM OFFERING: There is never a charge for a Sacrament. The amount suggested by the Diocese to cover the administration of a baptism is $50.00. An envelope is available for this purpose.

REQUISITES FOR BAPTISM: For each baptism the child/ren will require a Candle and White stole. These can be purchased at the Parish Office. The stoles are plain and cost $10. Candles purchased from the Parish Office and are $15 and decorated with the child’s name and date of baptism. Both can be purchased online or elsewhere if preferred. Refer to the ‘Baptism Candle and Stole order form’ for additional details. The certificate and candle (if ordered) will be available on the day of the Baptism.

BAPTISM PROGRAM – RSVP Would you complete the Rite of Welcome and Baptism Booking Form and return to the Parish Office via email at [email protected]. Please read the publications ‘Baptism Preparation Booklet’ and ‘Celebrating Baptism in the Catholic Parish of Sale’. Please check with the office by phone or email which preparation session is available for you to attend. Baptism preparation sessions take place at 7.00pm in the Chapter House (off Reeve St) – parking is available. They are held either the second Tuesday or second Thursday of each month, alternating. We look forward to seeing you there.  Thank you.

Very Reverend Dean Francis Otobo