Shining a Light on Domestic Violence

We can all be prepared to work towards ending domestic violence by listening to people who have been abused without judging or blaming them for the harm caused by another person. From Nov 16th to 19th, the parishes across the Sale Diocese unite in shining a light on Domestic Violence and praying for its end. … [Read more…]

Diocesan Mission Council Questions & Answers

DOS Webpage: Bishop Greg Bennet’s video download: Diocesan Mission Council The Diocesan Mission Council (DMC) is a key advisory and consultative council to the Bishop, advising him in all matters related to local, national, and global issues that influence the mission of the Diocese. The DMC exercises leadership and co-responsibility of the governance … [Read more…]

Prayers From Pope Francis in this time of tribulation

‘STRONG IN THE FACE OF TRIBULATION’ This is linked  to the Vatican Edition that may be updated weekly. The Vatican has made a free downloadable book of Pope Francis’s prayers, supplications and homilies available for readers around the world. Strong in the Face of Tribulation is available for download free of charge on the website … [Read more…]