Diocesan Mission Council Questions & Answers

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Diocesan Mission Council

  1. What is the purpose and role of the Diocesan Mission Council (DMC)?

The Diocesan Mission Council (DMC) is a key advisory and consultative council to the Bishop, advising him in all matters related to local, national, and global issues that influence the mission of the Diocese. The DMC exercises leadership and co-responsibility of the governance of the Diocese by investigating, discerning, and proposing priorities and practical initiatives to support and foster the development of the spiritual and pastoral life within the diocesan community. The DMC listens attentively to the voices of people within the Diocese of Sale, responds to matters of pastoral concern, offers advice, and makes recommendations to the Bishop regarding the needs of parishes, mission development, pastoral planning, church ministries, and faith formation.

  • Who can become members of the DMC?

The Diocesan Mission Council shall comprise up to fifteen members. The minimum age for membership is 18 years of age. The Diocesan Mission Council membership will reflect the diversity of life within the Diocese with a mix of experience and skills, balancing age, gender, regional, ethnic, and social representation. The members of the Council are baptised persons who are actively involved in their Catholic community, respect other points of view, exercise deep listening, have a sense of the mission of the Catholic Church, demonstrate inclusiveness, are committed to working collaboratively and with synodal processes, and demonstrate some experience of service and/or leadership in the Church.

  • What is the Term of Office of members of the DMC?

The term of membership is three years, with the option of a further three-year appointment. Youth members (18-35 years) have the option of committing to a two-year term.

  • How often will the DMC meet?

The Council will hold at least four meetings per year, convened in person or virtually.

  • How does someone become a member of the DMC?

Keeping in mind the criteria, and after due prayer and discernment, potential members must submit an Expression of Interest form for membership of the Diocesan Mission Council through the Diocese of Sale website or by post to the Bishop’s Personal Assistant.