“Lent is a transformation time, a time to shed those habits that diminish us as human beings.
It was in prayer that Jesus was changed and transformed. Let us ask ourselves
How can we use this period of Lent to commit to a time of prayer each day?
It could be as simple as a breath prayer prayed for just one minute: By choosing a simple prayer that can be prayed in two phases – one on the in-breath, and one on the out-breath such as
Loving God………………bring peace.
God of compassion … live in me
Merciful God……………come near.
‘Yes’ God………………….I choose you.
Prayer changes us. If our everyday activities become moments of prayer, we could be continuously transformed and become what we love.
Can our everyday lives be transformed, every moment with awareness of God’s presence?
Making beds – thanksgiving for sleep; for rest; for loving relationships.
Washing dishes and clothes – cleanse me from my sins; make me whiter than snow – call to mind our sins and ask forgiveness
Dusting – we are made from dust and unto dust we return.

  • An opportunity to pray for others.
    Gardening or caring for pets – bringing awareness to the sacredness of creation.
    Cooking – the gift of hospitality – sharing with others; nurture of body and soul.
    Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming – what are the things I want to let go of today? To sweep out of my life?
    Packing the dishwasher – a little examen – what needs to fit in my life, and what can be put aside?
    Driving the car or the sound of a siren – prayer for emergency service workers and those in distress.

  • A blessing prayer for your family
    Leader: God of light and glory. Our Lenten journey beckons us toward the cross of Christ and his Easter glory. May we enter into his pattern of self-denial and Sacrifice to be transformed and so to share in his glory. We make our prayer through Christ our Lord.
    All: Amen
    Leader: May the Lord bless + and keep us, may the Lord shine his face upon us.
    May the Lord turn his face towards us and grant us his peace. (Num 6: 24-26)
    All: Amen Leader: Let us share a sign of peace”
    Dean Peter – May almighty God bless us and keep us in his peace. Amen!