We can face anything, endure anything, as long as we know or believe it will not last for ever, and that something better will happen. For example, people will face a long, painful operation if they believe it will make them well again. What this underlines is the importance of hope. Hope is as necessary … [Read more…]

Holy Week is the most important week of the year

8th/9th April 2017 Holy Week is the most important week of the year (Pope Benedict – Apr 8 2009 ) It was on an occasion when thousands of pilgrims had gathered in St Peter’s Square to hear Pope Benedict’s weekly Audience and catechesis. That the pope discussed Holy Week offering the world the chance “to … [Read more…]

The Therapy of Tears: The Raising of Lazarus

One of the most surprising parts of the story of the raising of Lazarus is the part where Jesus breaks down and cries. Why should this be so? Perhaps it is the sight of a man weeping in public that surprises. In general, men are not good at showing emotions. The stoics of old were … [Read more…]


If I may ask, which of the five senses will you value most, though all are important? I believe most will value their sense of sight. This tells how a blind man can easily evoke ones sympathy; because when blind one is cut off from so much things and activities of life. We can imagine … [Read more…]