27th/28th May 2017
The combined churches of Sale region have come together and are seeking from their congregations donations in support of “Martha”. We have been moved by her story and hope you might be too.
Martha and her three primary school children and husband are a young family who came by boat originally from Sir Lanka fleeing to India then onto Australia in the hope of a better and safer life.
Their story becomes all too familiar to us; they arrived by boat, are detained, and wait to see what the Australian Gov’t will make of their story trying to make ends meet in the interim. Unfortunately Martha’s husband lost his refugee status and is returned to Christmas Island for processing meaning Martha and the children have lost their status and privileges too.
Now Martha and her children are completely without: they receive no payments from Centrelink and Martha cannot get work until her refugee status is reinstated or she is moved from a Bridging Visa to something more permanent. There will be a hearing in August to decide Martha’s fate – in the meantime she has her children to feed, her rent to pay and ongoing bills for a home without any internet or home phone line.
It is the hope of the churches of Sale that we will be able to help Martha make ends meet whilst she anxiously waits to see what will happen with her and her children. Vinnies and Salvation Army provide her with food weekly and the children’s school is helping out with the fees – her main concern – is paying the rent to keep a roof over her head – That’s where you come in!
With your help we can make sure this family’s story doesn’t get worse-All denominations are asking for donations – which \ will be held by the Salvation Army – using those donations to pay the rent and bills until the time of the hearing. Please be assured that 100% of these donations will be used for this purpose under strict guidelines. Your donation can and will help this family in what is currently a very uncertain and terrifying time in their lives. You can help, if you wish, by directly transferring money using these details. Bank Name: WP. Banks Account Name: The Salvation Army (Property Trust) BSB: 033-000. Account Number: 803 234 Reference: 506277924
Once payment is made could you please tell your minister/parish office (who will contact us) or email [email protected]. Again thank you very much for your willingness to help this family.
Let us pray for this family’s wellbeing during their very anxious time
Kind wishes
Dean Peter