Live-streaming – a new experience


I want to express my sincerest thanks to all who helped be available for reading in our live-stream Holy Week ceremonies and Masses. We would all agree Archbishop-Elect, Pat., Fr Edwin, Deacon Jithin were outstanding. Also, we thank Mr Jeff Hobbs and those who assisted him.

We apologise for the early struggles we had in getting the ceremonies and the Easter Sunday Mass to you, the feed-back has been very encouraging. Thank you for your understanding and patience. It was remarkable as to how many ‘hits’ we were able to record of those tuning in – far more than would have imagined.

God moves in mysterious ways. Those in aged care, those in lock-down at home, those in hospitals and many others from near and far. It is our intention to keep providing live-stream prayer and masses right through the ‘stay at home – lock-down period’. We pray for those experiencing discomfort throughout this time and I do urge all parishioners to look out for each other as among us are a number who are lonely and would appreciate your kind call throughout this difficult coronavirus period.

Hopefully, beyond this period we will be able to call on more skilled IT people to help ease the load on Jeff Hobbs who has been wonderful in his availability, his knowledge and know-how has made all this possible. Having more step up to form a support team to operate the necessary equipment for every Sunday use and at other times – funerals, weddings, other occasions would be of ongoing benefit to one and all. If you can help in this way please contact Fr Peter, Fr Edwin, Deacon Jithin or Parish Secretary Clare O’Brien at the parish office.

Generous donation:
One of our parishioners who wishes to remain unnamed, kindly donated new live-stream equipment to the Cathedral Parish. This will enable the parish to think through and find ways in which we can use the equipment to support many parishioners, who are unwell, unable through age to be with us each weekend, or are in aged-care and hospital who will be more than pleased to have their Cathedral Mass beamed to them.

Take care of you, my phone calls are still ongoing and hopefully soon you will receive the next call.

Take care
Love and prayers to all

Dean Peter