Plans for the future of Our Lady of Sion convent and grounds

August 2021

The Catholic Bishop of Sale, Most Rev Greg Bennet DD, and Director of Catholic Education – Diocese of Sale, Ms Maria Kirkwood, recently announced their plans for the Our Lady of Sion convent and grounds in Sale.

The Our Lady of Sion convent building in Sale is a much-loved local landmark with historical significance for Catholics, the Catholic education community, and the broader community in Sale.

Until recently, the site of the former convent was part of the Sion Campus of Catholic College Sale. Stewardship of the beautiful, historic building has now become the responsibility of the Catholic Diocese of Sale, while the land and buildings surrounding the former convent will be managed by Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Ltd (DOSCEL).

In the coming weeks, a committee will be convened, chaired by the former Member for Gippsland South and parishioner of St Mary’s Cathedral, the Honourable Mr Peter Ryan. The committee will explore potential future uses for the Our Lady of Sion convent, and provide recommendations regarding possible partnerships with organisations aligned to a broad Catholic educational vision of welfare, outreach and mission. The committee will work with the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion, and key stakeholders. Any future refurbishments to the building will comply with the heritage overlays.

In parallel to the work of the committee, DOSCEL will soon begin a detailed planning process for the land and buildings surrounding the convent. The foremost option under consideration is the relocation of St Thomas’ Primary School to the Sion site. Existing facilities at the Sion site, such as the school building and grounds, have potential to be refurbished and re-purposed for St Thomas’, to serve the parish community into the future.\

For more information please refer to the Diocese of Sale website