Praying with the Pope in August


That any far-reaching decisions of economists and politicians may protect the family as one of the treasures of humanity.



Heavenly Father,
Through the sacrament of marriage, your Church sees in human love a sign of your presence. The fruitful love of spouses is an example of what each of us is called to as your children: to generate life.
The family is a place of life, hope, the future and communion.
For this reason, I pray to you this month, in union with Pope Francis and the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, for all families, so that they may receive political and economic support to fulfil their mission.
I pray in particular for those who live with greater difficulties, that your Spirit may be their strength and consolation.

Our Father…

Proposals for the month

  • Follow the World Meeting of Families in Dublin, which takes place from August 21 to 25. Internalise the conclusions of this meeting, the calls made there and the statements of Pope Francis during his visit.
  • In your own family, take care of relationships in a constructive way, creating bridges, healing wounds, taking care of those who are in greater difficulties or sick.
  • Look for information on social, political and economic actions that exist in your country or in other countries, that protect the family. As much as possible, fight for these to be implemented in your own countries.