Second Sunday of Advent, Year C 9 December 2018

God has not forgotten his people
None of us likes to be forgotten, yet there are times we would agree we have some experience of being forgotten. eg, by not being invited to a special event, or a contribution we have made to a parish project-seemingly taken for granted and not recognised. These experiences can be painful, but in the course of time we do get over it.

But when we experience being forgotten by people special and close to us we experience a far deeper and more painful hurt. Our feelings, no matter how hard we fight them, are that no one cares for us. All sorts of feelings come our way, especially the feeling of being abandoned. Hopefully very few of us have had this kind of feeling.Homelessness is a sad condition. The worse fact that accompanies homelessness is knowing that if you disappeared off the face of the earth, no one would notice. In other words, the dreadful feeling – your life does not matter.

In our ‘dark nights of the soul’ many feel God has forgotten them, that he doesn’t love them. This leads to the feeling that God doesn’t care about us, that God doesn’t love us any-more. In the first reading (second century BC) seemingly that how’s God’s people felt in the time of the prophet Baruch. Their Kingdom had fallen, the Holy City Jerusalem destroyed – their Temple reduced to rubble – their sons and daughters taken into exile- so they ask – Where is God? They concluded God had forgotten them!

When the prophet reassured them that God had not forgotten them, that their sorrows would soon end, that God would bring their sons and daughters back from exile – that there would be a great restoration, the people took heart. We too can take heart, even when we may forget God, God does not forget us. Advent reminds us of the wonderful promises God made to us, and shows how they are fulfilled in Christ. The great sign that God loves us is the fact that he sent his Son to us. John the Baptist was the one who announced the good news of his coming.

No! God has not forgotten us. God remembers us, even if everyone else were to forget us. God will not forget us. ‘Though Father and Mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me’ (Ps 27:10). Its lovely to be remembered even in little ways – it’s a sign we are not forgotten – Someone cares about us – God cares about us. We matter to God, because we are God’s sons and daughters.

This advent and Christmas let us renew our duty to remember others – especially our Mothers and Fathers whom we haven’t given great time and appreciation to. Recall again those who have been good to us, who have sacrificed in big or small ways for us. Christmas is a great time for remembering.

What about, taking up the phone, give a loved one your special call of love and care – speak from the heart once again – when two hearts speak together as one – there is great wisdom in the words – ‘it is in giving we receive’. Rejoice in your love for each other.

God love and bless you all – my dream is, that all our parishioners will walk together as one, in the joy of knowing loving and serving each other as our God knows loves and serves each one of us.

Love and prayers

Dean Peter