Second Sunday of Easter, Year C 28 Apr 19

Dear Parishioners and all people of good will
A day of rejoicing turned into one of deep sorrow on Easter Sunday as once again people at peaceful prayer were targeted in acts of horrific and senseless violence. We pray for those who died and were injured, for their families, the people of Sri Lanka and the world community who mourns them. Australian Catholic Bishops president Archbishop Mark Coleridge has extended the sympathies and prayers of the Catholic Church in Australia.
The joy of Easter Week is always tempered by suffering. The apostles are afraid, anxiously awaiting some sign of what happened to their friend and teacher who was so cruelly put to death. They rejoice when he appears before them, but even as they embrace their missions to go into the world they are conscious of the dangers they will face.
Here in Australia the meaning of mission and suffering is even more pertinent as during the week just passed we commemorated Anzac Day – we solemnly remembered all those young men and women who went to fight and serve in the hopes of making a better world.
We mourned for all those suffering loss this week but rejoiced in the knowledge that Jesus’ suffering and death resulted in the Resurrection

Prayer Vigil for Sri Lanka – The Clocktower, Raymond Street Sale – Saturday 4 May The Combined Churches of Sale together with other community members invite you to join them for a vigil to support the people of Sri Lanka after the deaths of so many people in the atrocities on Easter Sunday.
We are invited to gather at the Clock-tower on Saturday 4 May at 12.00noon for a short and meaningful reflection and prayer. Those who may like to bring flowers are encouraged to do so.
A representative from the Sri Lankan community will say a few words, the Mayor will speak and Bishop Richard Treloar will lead the prayer.
The Persecution of Christians has increased around the world we unite in our prayer for world peace and the right of all people to live in religious freedom.
We pray, Lord our world today is torn apart in many places by violence, bloodshed and war. We pray for the people suffering in these areas of division. Keep us united to one another, eager and enthusiastic to spread the Gospel message to love one another, regardless of race, colour or creed. Assist us especially to care for the poor, the refugee, the homeless and those who lack love in their lives
We ask this through Christ Our Lord, who lives and reigns for ever and ever
Love and Peace to all
Dean Peter