The litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Mothers’ Day 10th May 2020

I love the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary; it is the Church’s warm appreciation of Mary the Mother of God as our Mother also. I invite you in the warmth of your hearts to recite this litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary – linked always with the Rosary that has been important to our prayer throughout our lives.

I have been talking to many of our parishioners during the Corona-Virus Lock-down and almost across the board many families have made this time a time of blessing and have deepened their prayer – by saying the prayer of the Rosary.
Not surprisingly many, many references to Mary are as Mother: Mother of God and our Mother also Please pray: The litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary:

Lord have mercy. All: Lord have mercy.
Christ, have mercy All: Christ have mercy
Lord have mercy, All: Lord have mercy.
Christ hear us Christ graciously hear us
God the Father of Heaven Have mercy on us
God the Holy Spirit Have mercy on us
Holy Trinity one God Have mercy on us
Holy Mary Pray for us
Holy Mother of God Pray for us
Holy Virgin of Virgins Pray for us
Mother of Christ Pray for us
Mother of the Church Pray for us
Mother of divine grace Pray for us
Mother most pure Pray for us
Mother most chaste Pray for us
Mother inviolate Pray for us
Mother undefiled Pray for us
Mother most admirable Pray for us
Mother of Good Counsel Pray for us
Mother of Creator Pray for us
Mother of our Saviour Pray for us
Virgin most prudent Pray for us Pray for us
Virgin most venerable Pray for us
Virgin most renowned Pray for us
Virgin most powerful Pray for us
 Virgin most merciful Pray for us
Virgin most Faithful Pray for us
Mirror of Justice Pray for us
 Seat of wisdom Pray for us
Cause of our joy Pray for us
  Ark of the covenant Pray for us
  Gate of heaven Pray for us
  Morning Star Pray for us
  Health of the Sick Pray for us
  Refuge of sinners Pray for us
  Comforter of the afflicted Pray for us
 Help of Christians Pray for us
 Queen of Angels Pray for us
  Queen of Patriarchs Pray for us
  Queen of Prophets Pray for us
  Queen of Apostles Pray for us
  Queen of Martyrs Pray for us
  Queen of confessors Pray for us
  Queen of Virgins Pray for us
  Queen of all saints Pray for us
  Queen conceived without original sin Pray for us
Queen assumed into Heaven Pray for us
  Queen of the most holy Rosary Pray for us
  Queen of families Pray for us
  Queen of Peace Pray for us

Let us pray:

Grant, we beg you, O Lord God, that we your servants may enjoy lasting health of mind and body and by the glorious intercession of the Blessed Mary ever Virgin, be delivered from present sorrow and enter the joy of eternal happiness, through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Blessed Mother’s Day


We are blessed especially in the Cathedral Parish and give thanks for all our Mothers.

We thank you for your sacrifices, wise counsel, love, faith and prayers. We love you and offer you our gratitude for your strength and you gentleness.
We know, like Mary the mother of God, our mothers shed silent tears as their children endure hardships, and rejoice in their children’s happiness.
We appreciate that there is no Joy like the Joy in a Mother’s heart for her newly born children and no greater pain than when their child/children suffer in any way.
We rejoice that through the ministry of Motherhood, the good Lord increases the Joy and Exultation of the Church by enriching it with new children.


May God, the source of all life, protect you by his goodness. All: AMEN

My God deepen your faith, build up your hope, and constantly increase
the gift of Love in you All: AMEN

May the Lord be attentive to your prayers and strengthen you
with God’s grace All: AMEN.

May Almighty God Bless you all:

In the name of the Father, the Son + and the Holy Spirit.


Love peace and joy on Mother’s Day, 2020 – so sorry about lock-down, hopefully all members of your families will be able to phone through with their many messages of love.

Our Cathedral Mass, Sunday May 10, will be at 9:30am and live-streamed. Look forward to having you with us as we pray for all Mothers.