Let us stop our business – I invite you to reflect on the words Bishop Pat so kindly shares and discover we would be better to be silent, to be listening, to be wondering, and to be in the adoring presence of God.

Each year on the second Sunday of Lent the Church puts before us the transfiguration of Jesus. His face shone and his clothes became dazzlingly white. We too can experience transfiguration. Virtue transfigures us. But sin disfigures us. Through our Lenten prayers, our fasting and alms-giving we in Lent are helped to turn to the lord for the help we need so that we can transfigure our lives by the practice of virtue.
Last week in his homily on the First Sunday of Lent Bishop Pat gave these thoughts to help us find deeper meaning for our Lenten journey we are grateful to him
‘Fast from pessimism, and feast on optimism.
Fast from criticism, and feast on praise.
Fast from self-pity, and feast on joy.
Fast from bitterness, and feast on forgiveness.
Fast from idle gossip, and feast on purposeful silence.
Fast from jealousy, and feast on love.
Fast from discouragement, and feast on appreciation.
Fast from complaining, and feast on hope.
Fast from selfishness, and feast on service.
Fast from fear, and feast on faith.
Fast from anger, and feast on patience.
Fast from self-concern, and feast on compassion for others.
Fast from discontent, and feast on gratitude.’
Lent is a time for adoration, the Gospels show clearly that Peter was a man of action, on Mount Tabor he wanted to build three tents – there is a time for stillness, contemplation, wonder, for adoration in the presence of God – a time to heed the words of the psalmist -‘be still and know that I am God.’

A good reflection prayer is offered each Friday evening 6.00pm as we walk the stations of the cross together in our wonderful Cathedral.

Lent: Prayer – Fasting – Alms-giving – our project is compassion have you remembered to pick up your project compassion box or envelope?

Care and love to all – Dean Peter